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Downtown Sedona, isn't it lovely?

Bell Rock, site of the famous Andromedan non-abductions. That might look like...

Says it all really.

The 'Mothership', our vortex to Andromeda

Local Catholic Church in Sedona

Typical Sedona view

View on late afternoon walk

Andromeda is not on the map, you'll just have to use your imagination. We got into Sedona late last night so we were unable to see anything of the place, but it really is amazing, in two different ways. First of all, it is surrounded by stunning red rock outcrops and canyons, very beautiful and striking. Secondly, it became famous when some psychic person 'channeled' that there were many important 'vortices' here. Thousands of people waited on one of them - Bell Rock - to be taken to Andromeda about twenty years ago. Guess what happened? Anyway, we had much better luck, they were obviously on the wrong rock. As Andromeda has faster than light travel we were able to get back at the same time we left, so no-one had noticed us gone. Our adventures there are covered in another blog that I don't think you earthlings can access yet.

Sedona is like a cross between Bath and Glastonbury, lots of rich people of a New Age persuasion, more psychics than you could shake a stick at. Like Glastonbury it is also very touristy, though in quite a tasteful and attractive kind of way, definitely helped by the gorgeous scenery.

There are even great views from our lovely motel, and cowboys clonking around in spurs at breakfast, though I think they were tourist guides. After breakfast (Erica sniffing watermelon, me porking bacon, egg and ranch potatoes) we had a real nice long walk around this red rock landscape, and even sat on the 'Mothership' for a while, apparently one of the vortices that can transport one to Andromeda or something along those lines. Erica was still a bit wiped out from jet lag and too much vortex energy, so I did the nest hike on my own, again great views and the walk mostly to myself. Extraordinary landscape! The Rough Guide is a bit down on this place, but I really rate it.

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