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Golfstream Fishing Camp

Our Kitchen in the Cabin

The Fishing Cabin with Larry on the Porch

View Along Goldstream--The Fish Are in the Grass and Reed Along the...

Early Morning Photo Along the Stream

Tim at the Helm


THe Fishing Area

Departing Fairbanks to the Fly-in Fishing

Susan Went Shopping At North Pole, Alaska

Airplanes Also Use the Roads in Fairbanks!

Happy Fisherman with the Catch

Larry Elder and Tim reserved a northern pike fishing trip to Goldstream Creek with a local pilot. His float plane was the black and white plane that was shown in yesterdays photos. We were limited to 40 pounds of gear that included our water, sleeping bags, fishing poles (more than 1 each), and food. Larry and I made it with a few pounds to spare.

It was my first float plane trip and it was great! We left Fairbanks and flew southwest to Goldstream Creek where we landed on the creek. The pilot is a real experienced bush pilot and handled the plane like an expert! At the creek, we shared a cabin with some other fisherman.

We got our gear stored and loaded the boat with fishing stuff to head out on Goldstream for the pike. Larry had fished here about 2 years ago--so we had a little inside track. To prepare for the trip, Larry and I had a shopping spree at the local Sportsman Warehouse--neat shopping! We had a really great time fishing because northern pike are such an agressive fish. The first fish I caught-hit my lure as I floated the lure about 18 inches for the boat to take a break. All I had to do was to grab the line and bring in a nice pike -- that we had for dinner!

At one spot, Larry hooked a good fish but his steel leader came apart and the fish swam off with his new $10 lure. What a bummer! But about 10 minutes later, he spotted the lure in some grass next to shore. So, we paddled over and got close before the fish swam off with the lure again. Well--I marked the spot with my GPS and we continued fishing that day with good results. Later we returned to look again--but did not see it.

We returned to camp for a great fresh pike dinner then headed back out to fish. The action was slow so we returned around 10PM--the sun set around 1AM and the sunrise was at 3AM--Never really got dark! The next morning around 5AM we hit the stream again and completed our take out limit of 2 fish per person to take home. We caught and released alot of other pike.

So we ventured on to the "lure spot" shown on the GPS. As we neared the spot--Larry spotted his red and white lure again in the grass. We approached slowly--and guess what--no fish but it was his $10 lure! How did that fish shake that lure???

On the flight home with the other fisherman, I related the story to them. They said that they caught a pike that looked like it had a red and white lure in its mouth along with theirs but could not land the fish. The fish threw out both their lure and Larry's! That is NO FISH TALE!

Eleanor and Susan had a great day visiting Fairbanks and shopping. I will get the details for you! They also fixed us a great fresh northern pike dinner! After dinner we took a ride to look for moose--but the moose were not cooperating!

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