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I arrived in Italy yesterday and am spending a couple of nights in Florence, the capital of the Italian and European Renaissance. AGAIN yesterday I nearly missed the bus but at least this time the tour manager, Amanda, rang our room to double check we were on our way 10 minutes before the bus was leaving. I said, 'Of course' then shook Tanya awake and we rushed around madly. At least I had packed my bag the night before just in case such a situation should occur...

Italy is a kind of mad chaos compared to France and England. Everyone pushes and shoves to get served in any given situation and there is no such thing as waiting in line! I'm going to have gelati every day that I am in Italy, it is the most delicious dessert. Even better than cookies and cream!

Last night we went out for our first dinner in Italy and it was a little disappointing, I actually preferred the Italian food at home. But I think it was ajust a case of a dodgy restaurant and food has been better today. After dinner we all went to the Red Garter for a few drinks and they had enormous beer steins like I imagine I'll see in Germany and the jug of Illusion I had was equally as big! But I sensibly went back to the hotel, as we all did, at 10.30pm and headed to my room. So did 10 others, it seems word has got around that I have speakers for my iPod and that is a very big drawcard!

Today I went into the main town of Florence and went on a sightseeing expedition. I went into the the Piazza Signoria in which the Michaelangelo's statue of David originally stood (it's a replica there now with the original which I wentto see now located in the Accedimia Museum). I also went to the Duomo, which is the 4th largest cathedral in the world, then over to the Ponte Vecchio. The Ponte (bridge) is 700 years old and is lined both sides with expensive gold and silver shops.

I also took a wander through the exclusive boutique shops Luis Vutton, Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi etc. Of the only reason I didn't buy anything there is that I couldn't find a fur coat that I really liked, lol.

My souvenier shopping is getting a little out of hand, I did talk myself out of a $900 bracelet today and then felt I had saved so much money I could buy another bag to congratualate myself!

I can't upload photos at this cafe, there always seems to be some issue with internet here so they will come at a later stage.

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