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Aztec Ruins


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Aztec Ruins

We left Santa Fe Sunday morning and headed for Bloomfield, which is just east of Farmington. It was hard leaving Santa Fe, because it's easy to get hooked back into familiar patterns of shopping, friends and other activities. But we went to the Farmers' Market on Saturday and stocked up on gluten free goodies at Whole Foods (for Margaret), so we took some of the benefits with us.

On Monday we decided to visit Aztec Ruins, which neither of us had ever visited. It's about 10 miles from Bloomfield and tucked more or less in the middle of the town of Aztec. Although I thought it would be bigger, there's actually a lot of historically significant stuff tucked into a fairly small space.

The people who lived here and who built the dwellings are related to all the pueblo peoples of the southwest and had very sophisticated building methods for their time. Much like Chaco, the buildings here are built mostly of stone, with little mortar, so they have survived nearly intact, except for the ravages of a thousand years of wind, soil deposits and vandalism. There are multiple kivas (round rooms), some of which were for ceremonial purposes and other for more day-to-day activities. At Aztec, the Grand Kiva, which was the ceremonial public space, has been reconstructed from ruins that were mostly destroyed. When we were there, a Ranger came in for the scheduled talk, so we stayed to listen to him. Ranger George is normally a budget guy and was thrilled to be out talking to actual people. He was actually very interesting on the subject of the history of the buildings, the society and culture of the people who lived there and the connections to other early societies. We actually learned much we hadn't known before.

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