Ginger enjoys a little relaxing to watch for squirrels

It’s a long way to back up, but we do it to...

The Dobbs have a beautiful, inviting place

We parked comfortable at our friends

Rebecca relaxes and reflects over the pond.

After driving over 300 miles in two days we arrived safely to our friends, a very slow pace, The Dobbs home. They’re way off the main highways into the hills. It’s quiet here and comfortable. They have several shade trees overlooking their little pond and we relax. It’s easy to let go of any tensions from traveling. We stayed two nights to get all our conversations in, had several meals, lots of laughs.

On the day we depart, we left about 10 a.m. and had many miles to cover. On the way across Alabama toward Tennessee we had to go through Mississippi and got rained on from a cold front going through the area.

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