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Thought you might enjoy this, from Perrin, TX

Eberhardt Street sign, for friends with that name

On Hwy 380

Along I-35

OK, this is my 4th attempt to get my journal entry written today. I have limited internet access and the previous three attempts have resulted in a "failure to post" after I had it written. Sigh....

Yesterday was a good day. Marilyn and I were awake early, had our morning coffee, and then were ready to go in 30 minutes. Of course, we didn't have everything set up after traveling all day the day before so it was easy to get ready for departure. On day one of our trip we drove nearly 300 miles and got 9.9 mpg. I decided to leave the mpg set and get an average for the trip all the way to Wichita.

We pulled out of the Mitchell RV resort at 8:05 AM, driving north on 281, through some very pretty country. Before long we reached Hwy 380 and turned east. We were delighted at this new, recently paved, excellent road. We joined I-35 just north of where I-35E and I-35W join, north of Dallas, Ft Worth. The trip was a joy with good weather and light traffic. We made it through Oklahoma City and were still feeling good so we continued. We have a rule that we try to drive no more than 200 miles in a day, but might go to 300 if we need to, and to stop for the day around 2:30 PM. That has been a good rule for us and we usually arrive at our campground in time to be set up, have a nice meal and enjoy the evening. Yesterday, however, we drove nearly 400 miles and arrived at the campground at 4:00 PM. We were set up and had company by 5:00 PM.

Total miles traveled from San Antonio was 698 and the over-all mileage was 10.4.

Our good friends, Ralph & Rosalie came out to visit. When they left, Marilyn and I crashed. We slept with the windows open and had a really good night of sleep.

This morning, Marilyn and I had our coffee and then I took a shower, dressed, and set out for a busy day. I dropped the trash off at the dumpster, (No trash pickup at this campground), made an appointment to get the valve stem extensions installed, and went over to Flight Safety at the airport. I saw old friends and had a wonderful time with them. Most commented on the suntan and how relaxed I look. :)

Vicky helped me by completeing the paperwork I need for the FAA to get my Flight Instructor Certificate renewed for another two years. I visited with Dan, the local FAA official, for a few minutes and then, new CFI certificate in my pocket, went to lunch with three of my good friends from Flight Safety.

After lunch I got the truck in to have the work done on it, and set out to find a computer station where I could get this journal entry done. I hope you will bear with me as we are on the road and internet service is limited. This entry is coming to you courtesy of Blasi office staff and a $2.00 service charge donated by me. :)

Marilyn just called me from her cell phone and asked if the water was shut off. I asked the staff and, sure enough, there is no water for a while. :(

It will be good to get moving again. We are scheduled to have dinner tonight with old friends, Dave & Judy. Tomorrow, we will have dinner with a group of old friends from work. We also have more things to do and other people to see while we are here. We want to see Herb & Deb and their two young 'uns, Audrey and Daniel.

I hope to have some pictures for you tomorrow. I have only a couple for today. Enjoy!

Can't wait to see what this day has in store....

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