Glenda's Adventures with Daisy 2006-07 travel blog

Bob Cooking Fish Dinner

Historic Village - Maxine, Vee and Val in Wild Card Game

Historic Village Church

Historic Village Cook House

Brazos River Behind Historic Village


Today I left Maxine's house in Temple about noon and headed for the Riverview Campground just outside Waco, which will be my home for the next three nights. Tonight we had a wonderful potluck dinner and played table games afterwards. The cold wind discouraged us from venturing outside unless we just had to.

Because the weather forecaster had predicted nighttime temperatures below freezing, before leaving Georgetown I had added more water to my fresh-water tank so I wouldn't have to hook up to anything but electricity. I didn't want to worry about my hoses freezing. Several of my friends' water hoses froze.


Today it was still chilly but not nearly so windy. Maxine drove in her car to the campout and will be staying with Vee in her motorhome. At least she won't have to drive back and forth from Temple every day. Maxine is our hostess for this campout.

Bob, who spends his winters in Buda with sister Georgia every year, treated us to a delicious fish dinner. When he is at home in Indiana, he goes fishing often and freezes the fish. I think he probably goes fishing in his sleep! He always brings some with him when he visits. He set up his "kitchen" outside his fifth-wheel trailer and cooked the fish and the trimmings. He also loves to bake pies, so we always have plenty of food to stuff ourselves on! The rest of us contributed salads, vegetables and snacks.


Today was a gorgeous day with just a little wind. Several of us visited the Governor Bill & Vara Daniel Historic Village on the Baylor University campus. All the buildings are in good repair and most of them are open to the public. We also went to the Bill and Eva Williams Bear Habitat on campus where the university's black bear mascots are housed. The bears didn't cooperate with us, though. They were inside sleeping. We could see them in the semi-darkness from a little window. I was disappointed that I couldn't get a picture of them.

Georgia made everyone cute little pocket LoW calendar holders in the official orange and black colors. They're just right to fit into a shirt pocket or a purse. She is quite the talented crafter.

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