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The Route Napolean

....and again.

When times are hard and you're down on your luck......

The Rotue Naplean was awesome. The views and the way the road slowly winds it's way through the hills of the Northern Provence is fantastic. I wish I had my motorbike, it really is motorbike country. Although the sheer drops on the edge are a bit nerve racking.

The clean air and freedom of the countryside has been replaced with the stench of car fumes, the noise of beeping horns, impateint drivers heckling eachother and the trees replaced with a forest of villas and apartments. This is hell as I travel along a three lane highway in to cetnral Nice at rush hour, although it seems to be rush hour at any time of the day.

It took me a good couple of hours and dangerous cycling to find the Hotel Durnate, tucked away in a small side street round the corner from the more seedy areas of Nice. It's a fantastic spot and has a lovely garden terrace. This wil be home until Sunday when Tim and Jim wil join me for a week's cycling through to Genoa. I'm really looking forward to it. The boys I think are a little nervous.

Should be interesting!

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