South Africa - Spring 2006 travel blog

Emerald Guest House

Our 18 hour flight to Johannesburg was as uneventful as one could hope. The plane was full of do-gooders from churches across the US who were traveling to volunteer in an orphanage for a few days. One of them fainted in the aisle which caused his wife to run up and down hysterically asking for a doctor. Her husband got up under his own power and walked to first class, so it couldn't have been too bad. We decided that we felt about as lousy after flying 18 hours as we did flying the much shorter route to Europe. Our seats had lots of video entertainment - choice of twenty films, TV shows, games, etc. so it made the time pass quickly.

When I first made these flight arrangements, we arrived at 10am and I couldn't get a seat to Capetown until 9pm tonight. What a dreadful thought, spending all those hours at the airport! So we made arrangements to stay at the Emerald Guest House, a charmingly rustic place at the foot of the runway. There's nothing better than coming out of customs in a strange country and seeing a person holding a sign with your name on it. Even though we arrived an hour early due to favorable winds, they were ready to pick up two weary travelers. So, I am writing to you having taken a shower, had dinner, slept a few hours, and transferred back to the airport. All of this good service for only $50.

After our next flight tonight we will hopefully run into another person holding a sign with our name on it and head off to our second hotel of the day.

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