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We needed the levelers at Ivanhoe

Ivanhoe Lake

A red pebble in the afternoon sun


Sunshine playing with the water and rocks


At Restoule

A birch in the rain

July 24 (22)

We have been on the road for 11 weeks today! Yes, we are still having fun and enjoying the van which is probably only as big inside as a bathroom at home. We have all the basic needs and in the hot weather that has just begun, the air conditioning is a real comfort. Anne has discovered that she has another room in the van by going up to the passenger seat where she can read or do Sudoko. She has kept busy with 3 knitting projects - a shawl for her, a beautiful sweater for Tim (our 2 year old grandson), and an exquisite multi-patterned shawl. Tom has been slowly working on selecting the photos for an exhibit he will mount at a local coffee house sometime in the future. With over 13 gigabits of photos (4 DVD's and over 5,500 images) this will take him quite a while. You have seen only the "tip of the iceberg" in the photos on this web site.

We are on the "Trans Canada Highway" (Rt. 17) which is no more than a 2 lane road with occasional 3 lane passing sections. Our RV (like any RV) has always been a challenge to be passed by any driver behind us, even though we drive at or above (please don't tell) the speed limit. Anne had prepared her iPod with a wonderful mix of music and by putting it on shuffle, it's like a station with music from the "50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's" without the commercials. So driving has been fun and not as tiring as one might expect it to be.

Our last two stops include Ivanhoe Lake Provincial Park and a commercial (KOA) campground in Barrie.

We loved Ivanhoe and put it on our list of places to go back to. Our site was near the water, but not so near the beach and its usual noises. As Tom reheated spareribs (a fire ban had been in effect, so no cooking fires were allowed), Anne went to the lake shore with her portable chair and absorbed the late afternoon sunshine. Tom had to practically drag her back to eat dinner. As Anne cleaned up the dishes after dinner, Tom got to do the "shore sit" and from his chair, captured a series of sun-drenched images of water, rocks and the sun itself.

We did not want to leave Ivanhoe the next morning and we stuck around until 10:30AM. However we still had 700+ miles to go to get home. We sampled two provincial parks and found them to be very dark due to the massive canopy of trees that covered them or very noisy. The park roads were narrow and steep and the sites we not at all level. (A level campsite is necessary to prevent our absorption refrigerator from having an embolism and ceasing to operate - not to mention our comfort.) We pushed on past North Bay to the last option, Restoule Lake Provincial Park. It was a long drive down a secondary road to get to the entrance of the park. We were given the possible sites that were available and chose a nice large, flat one. Tom spent the last of his Canadian cash for this site and we collapsed after a really long drive (nearly 400 miles). But that would make the next day a very short. We woke to a thunder storm with rain that got heavier as the day progressed. We were able to lounge around and relax and have a "lumberjack" breakfast of bacon and eggs and English Muffins.

In one of the lulls of the rain, Anne walked to the camp shower building, but this is a huge camp with hundreds of sites and everyone else must have had the same idea. Our van is really neat, since it has a shower and although it takes a couple of minutes to make the bathroom into a shower, it is another feature that really makes us independent.

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