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We headed for the hills and into Lord of the Rings country. We stopped at Deer Park Heights on the outskirts of Queenstown. This was used for many pick-up shots of scenery and also for things like Aragorn's Cliff, where he fell off in battle.

There were lots of goats and animals around on the hill as well. Some, like the deer, yaks, potbellied pig and horses were in paddocks, but the goats were left free to roam. We picked up some feed from the dispenser they left, and started to feed them. Some of these guys got pretty aggressive!! While we were feeding one, we'd get surrounded completely. Then one would get impatient and jump on you from behind! So we ran back to the van and fed them from the van instead. It was pretty wild --we got to hand feed the deer. Can't do that back home!!!

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