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Suttle going thru Zion National Park

Red Rock in the park



The fountain in front of our RV Park

This house shows how big the mountains are

people at the beach

I think this is Miss Peach Days. They really know how to...

They even had a airplane in there parade

Friday we went to Zion National Park. They have a suttle you can ride all through the park. There is so much traffic that the road won't handle it so they don't allow you to drive through the park from April until late October.

Saturday we drove down to St George. Just a bigger town with a old downtown area. Stopped at camping world and picked up a few things we needed for the trailer. Also stopped at the ford dealer and picked up a reflector that had fallen off the truck fender.

They are having Peach Days here Friday and Saturday. Have allot of tents sit up in a park and I guess they are selling all kinds of things. We couldn't even find a parking places on Sat. morning. Was driving around and realized they had some of the roads closed and were having a parade.

Sunday we went to a nice small Baptist church. There is only one Baptist Church in this town..Haven't seen any churchs except Mormon. Ate lunch at a real nice Chinese Buffet. Came home and just hung around the trailer. Played some cards.

Today we rode over to Sand Hollow State Park. It has a lake which was real pretty but not very big. Of course being Labor Day it had allot of boats and skidoos on it. The sign said the water temperature was 81 degrees but we didn't get close enough to find out. Thought maybe we would go back during the week after all these people have to go back to work

Stopped and bought 2 cups of lemonade fom 3 little kids on a street corner. Was so cute seeing these kids trying to make some money.

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