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I was tired last night, so went to bed early. Therefore, this is yesterdays journal.

John took the truck in this morning for an oil change and "check up" with our favorite mechanic. For those who live in the Federal Way area, if you need work done on your truck or car we highly recommend Brent at "Brent's Auto Repair" in Auburn. Great work, fair pricing and reliable. Then he too the truck to Les Schaub to have the nail in the tire removed, thankfully it was a little one, and had the tires checked. Can I say we are ready to rumble?

After the work was done, we went chair shopping (actually getting ideas as we are not ready to buy yet), looking at the European recliners for the trailer. The ones we found were too expensive, but we think they would work well. So, maybe this summer we will find something during our travels. Believe it or not, Lamps R Us had the best prices.

I am still working on my New Year's resolution to not criticize John's driving. I think I may have a bruised tongue for biting on it so often. He does not like to make a u-turn when he missed an exit. So, rather than turn at the next corner and go back, he will go down to the light and make a right and circle around the area to get where we need to be. About 1 mile out of our way! I did have to say something and his response was to remember my resolution and to stick to it. Hrmph. And, then he said by my not saying anything only one of us was irritated, rather than both of us. He even said that with a smirk! Here it is 6 months down the road and this issue is still not settled. I am beginning to think that I will not have a tongue by the New Year. Men!

Today, we are packing up to leave tomorrow. Hopefully...nothing is written in stone, I have found out...best laid plans and all that. Keep your finger crossed that we move East in the A.M. Go East Young Man!

Thought for the day: "The man who goes alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready."

--Henry David Thoreau

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