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We woke up to grey skies this morning. Boy, were we ever lucky to have sunshine yesterday!

We drove down the valley towards Milford Sound. It is arguably one of the most scenic drives in NZ!! The valley is pretty narrow and the mountains tower over you on either side. Plenty of waterfalls coming down the mountain sides too!

We pulled into the parking lot for the Routeburn Track. It had started to drizzle, but we were determined to go tramping!! The first section was a pretty steep, steady climb. Eventually, we got above the tree line and we were pretty exposed. By this time, the wind picked up a bit and we were treated with several breaks in the clouds, allowing for some photos.

At the top of Key Summit, we were socked in once again. It really just added to the atmosphere! A loop track with boardwalks too us over a few bogs. It was pretty eerie. We had to laugh when we got to the view point for Lake Marian --you couldn't see anything!

Back in the parking lot, a pair of cheeky Keas (green feathered birds with a parrot like hooked beak) approach our van (Moby). They walked like drunken pirates, teetering back and forth on the verge of falling over!!! It was hilarious just watching them! They were pretty cheeky and one had perched itself on the side mirror. When it didn't get any food from us, it started to take a chunk out of the rubber on the window!! Crazy thing!

Eventually, we got rid of our free rider (it had perched itself on the roof of the van and stayed there until we picked up speed) and continued on down the road to Milford. We had just started to settle into our site right next to the river at the base of the mountain when it started to pour. It was nice and cozy in our camper.

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