Jerry with the lagoon on his right...

Another view showing the bridge over the lagoon..

The pier is on the left after crossing the bridge..

Jerry with the fishing pier on the left...

Girl checking out the huge crab..:-)

Jerry at the start of the pier..

Picture showing how far out it goes....

Almost at the end.. :-)

Tossing the crab trap out..

Nice catch..

View from the pier...


Going back toward the car, the wind was picking up..:-)

We walked back a different way, on the other side of the...

Wowser trees all along the walk back..

Crows diving at this eagle trying to run him out of the...

More amazing trees..

Jerry got one of me under the tree...

Wowser blooms..

Art in the park..

Art in the park...

Last one! :-)

The last time we went shopping at Nanaimo Harbor, we spotted the long fishing pier from the Lighthouse Bistro Restaurant. We decided to go back and check out the pier and crabbing today. We parked on the other end of the harbor walk this time, we found another outstanding park, Maffeo Sutton Park is right by the pier. You have to park and walk over a pedestrian only bridge over Swy-a-lana Lagoon to get to the pier.

This area is so beautiful with trees bursting with flowers, absolutely incredible. We walked out on the pier and watched the fishermen pulling in the crabs. We were told that Lucy the seal had been there earlier and just left. :-) I hope to get some pictures of Lucy next time. We did see a beautiful bald eagle fighting off several crows diving at him. They wanted him out of their territory fast.

Jerry was wishing he didn’t have to have a license to fish here. They make it look so easy, they toss in the cages and pull in several nice crabs. They do have to measure them and throw the small ones back in, we saw several being tossed back too. One of the locals we asked said he used chicken for bait. We might end up paying for that license and going back for some of those crabs. :-) We took a lot of pictures in this incredible place and hope you enjoy. Check back later for more from Vancouver Island.

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