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Our final day aboard the ship was at sea, returning to Houston.

The sea was very calm and we are happy to report that none of our happy little band suffered from seasickness at all.

Each of the couples pretty much did their own thing that day, but did enjoy dinner together, as usual.

Part of the time was spent in packing up and making ready to disembark the ship on Saturday morning.

The entire voyage was a good time for everyone. The fun and general harassment of one another kept the laughter going throughout the trip.

The food was very good, the company was excellent, the tours and adventures were enjoyable, and it was with a hint of sadness that we prepared to return home.

One thing we absolutely looked forward to, was sleeping in our own beds again!

We took care of all the assorted little details in preparation for Saturday morning, and hoped for a good night of sleep.

Life is Good!

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