Jerry and I have been absolutely amazed at how much there is to see on Vancouver Island. This was our first visit to the island, it most definitely will not be our last. We were also surprised to see so many islands you can visit near the main island by ferries. We have visited two by ferry so far, we have many more island trips planned over the next six weeks.

The only thing that was stopping us from visiting more was the cost. Well, I found out about the BC Ferries Experience Card, it makes the cost so much more affordable. Our trip to Gabriola Island would have cost us $46 dollars for two passenger tickets with our car. With the Experience Card, the cost was only $19. I am adding a copy of information from their site below for all our readers. This is the kind of information that should be shared, if you plan to visit the island, make sure to check this one out. Happy island travels to all our readers. :-)

BC Ferries Experience™ Card

What is the BC Ferries Experience™ Card and how does it work?

The BC Ferries Experience™ Card is an electronic swipe card that can be loaded with money and used to pay for ferry travel on participating routes.

As a BC Ferries Experience™ cardholder, you'll have access to savings on passenger fares OR vehicle and passenger fares on participating routes simply by registering your card and loading it with minimum Stored Value amounts.

BC Ferries Experience™ Card users can elect to receive access to reduced fares on participating routes by choosing to load the minimum amounts of Stored Value:

Passenger only, new minimum of $65 - to receive access to Passenger-Only reduced fares on participating routes; and/or

Vehicle and Passenger, new minimum of $115 to receive access to Vehicle and Passenger reduced fares on participating routes.

By registering your BC Ferries Experience™ Card you will receive these great features:

Printable Travel History report*.

Loss protection.

Transferability/balance sharing features.

Convenient Auto Load feature.

Access to new and different future products.

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