Introducing ! Bo the beta fighting fish, the newest member of our...

Thought this to be hilarious on our way through town....

The SKP (Escapees) park entrance.

Our site for three nites, space 52...

Cute, little intro to the park

A look down one of the streets

The county museum, old Southern Pacific Railway station...

Museum has great displays of old time curios.

More curios, we enjoyed learning about the history.

The county Courthouse, being remodeled.

The old jail next to the county courthouse, built 1893

Close up of jail

On Friday, the 31st of Jan we traveled the required 207 miles north and west to Hondo. It's a famous western cowboy and Texas town, of which several books have been written and at least one movie. Roughly 50 miles West of San Antonio on Hwy 90, this spot puts us in good striking distance to our next stop of Del Rio.

The Escapees RV Club has a Co-op park here, just off the hwy but we've never stopped here, though we've zipped by several times.

While in Rockport with friends, Jim and Shirley, the ladies got to talking about fish as pets, suddenly Dave was wisked off to Walmart. All of a sudden, viola!, Dave is buying a fish tank, a fish, rocks and fake plants! Yes, we added a new member to our traveling family, his name is officially Bodacious Bob da Beta Fish, otherwise known as Bo. Bo is a red Japanese fighting fish and so far, he likes to travel, at least, he didn't mind the 207 miles of jostling up the highway to Hondo!

We like this area, it "agrees with us", the weather is temperate and the town is small. The Escapee park is friendly, of course, as they all are and it's kind of a cross roads for us head east or west, north or south! We'll be back, often. We made our way over to the county museum, which is the old Southern Pacific Railway depot. Filled with donated old-time memories from local families, it gives you the flavor of this old town and surrounding area.

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