Come on in and make memories!

Park over there and sign in

map of the preserve, pen pointing to our spot, H-12 top left...

A comfy area to rest

The grounds here are very nice

At town square one of several buildings

A wonderful western setting, look there's the sheriff and Sadie

The town marshals office

Town square is fake western but complete with funny headstones


Rebecca buys fruit at fruit stand on premises

One of the best doggie "owner" reminders

Right side healing up nicely, but is itchy

Left side is healing well.

We decided since we both felt pretty good to make the long drive, instead of breaking it up like usually do. This time it was 440 miles and 8 hours, 10 minutes of driving from Mound Hpuse to this Thousand Trails resort park about 15 miles south of Bend, Oregon. We switched drivers every two hours and only stopped once for fuel. The outside temps were nice and cool with only a bit of headwind for about 100 miles. Otherwise, all went smooth.

This stop, our 333'rd, is for about 17 days and marks the true beginning of our summer. Yes, the true beginning as we had the summer stalled by Dave's two surgeries to remove rather large basal cell carcinoma's from his forehead. Now that, that is done and Dave has kind of recovered, we are assuming our vagabond lifestyle that we love! Oh, we do get a little edgy if we aren't moving from one spot to another. We would like to thank the VanEmm's for kindly hosting us again for this last stop and surgery. Their generosity made life a little easier on us.

We have a coach to clean, inside and out, a few fish maybe to fly fish for while in this outdoors mans paradise. The stop in Walker River Resort though nice in many respects was a VERY dusty place. What with all the ATV's and motorcycles moving around, even a slight wind sent dust into and on the RV.

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