We arrive for our week stay

our overflow spot for the 1st nite

we enjoy fabulous sunsets

this park is nice with big spaces and nice facilities

some spaces have desert gardens

pretty cacti abound

neat rock decorations are colorful


rattle snake and spider rock art


nice cactus and birds

rock Gila monster

our space for 6 nites.

Though we really like the Sierra Vista area and our hosts are fabulous to us, it is time to leave.We always have fun when we land here but another kind of fun awaits us up the road with more stops, more adventure and other interesting views of this beautiful country of ours.

The VERY short drive today of 78 miles was one of the easiest. Our destination is the FAMCAMP on Davis-Monthan AFB on the southeast side of Tucson. This FAMCAMP is one of the best (top 5) in the military system. Our first night was in "overflow", luckily people are leaving so overflow isn't a long stay. We'll be here for 1 week total. During our stay we want to go to Sabino Canyon Recreation Area.

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