Michelle and Charlie's Around the World Trip 2004-2005 travel blog

Original city gate, saved 100 yrs ago by the DAR

Main street with the oldest wooden school house in the USA

The oldes European built house in the USA

the B&B end of the town

Thursday evening concert in the park

For a long time pirates did not let boats to sail this...

the old lighthouse

oldest stone fort in the USA

It has moat, draw bridge and all

including cannons

on the city tour bus

practicing at the museum for a new career path

Michelle is the guide in the native american section

nice. Fun waves, too

Fishing peer

Yes, its true. The first city here was founded not by Anglos, but by the Spanish. Holla amigos.

It was a good trip. We returned to an old tradition of ours of B&B instead of hotels and met some colorful people over breakfast. The city was cute, too and had a chance of taking advantage of all the bodysurfing know-how that we picked up in Australia. Also, we rented a tiny beach catamaran and really enjoyed it. We'll have to get or make one of those for Tampa.

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