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Heron this morning

CP (Colored Pencil) Bird

Sunday was miserably cold, so we saw another movie: "Hostiles". It's gotten very little publicity, but if you like old western-type movies like we do, you'd enjoy it. Monday was nice, so we spent the day searching to fulfill gravestone photo requests at two cemeteries. We struck out with the first one, after spending over an hour looking for the marker. But karma was with us on the second one, and we found it after only a few minutes. Today is chilly again. I grabbed the camera when we took Mo out for his late morning walk. I was grumbling to myself about the cold as we aimed for the river trail. I had two sweaters on plus my coat, and I was still cold. But a funny thing happened when I started snapping photos of the birds: I totally forgot about the cold! I took over 50 shots in just a few minutes, but, as usual, most were not post-worthy (which is why I take so many). I hadn't seen the heron for over a week, so it was nice to have him flying by. I don't know why his wings are banged up. Maybe he's as graceful as me?!! I can just imagine what my limbs would look like if I could fly and had to land in trees and dive for fish. The bird I drew has lots of mistakes, but I posted it anyway, to encourage anyone who wants to try it. It's another online class. It's hard for me to use my watercolors, because there's not much room for spreading out in the rig. I've promised myself that on one of the good weather days I will take my portable watercolor stuff and folding stool and go sit down by the river. I have had little luck with landscapes, so I really need the practice. I have new toys coming today via Amazon. They're a set of pastel pencils. Pastels are velvety and chalk-like, and I got a few pans last Christmas that I've been playing with. They blend and blur beautifully and remind me of impressionist paintings (like Monet). I have photos of Mo and of the river landscape that I want to try with the pastels. It will probably take me a half dozen or more tries before I start to get the hang of it, but I have plenty of good paper. Tonight is bingo, and Bill is calling it again. The corporate owners of this campground flew here Sunday for an inspection (I think they are from Michigan), and they may come to bingo to check it out. In anticipation of their arrival, Bill walked along the trail on Saturday (while I was preparing dinner for Randy and Karen) with a large bag and cleaned up the wrappers and trash left behind by the weekenders. It's our way of paying the managers back for giving us this great place to stay.

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