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I had arranged to meet Michelle for lunch today, so decided to invite Greg and Melrose as well. They can share Michelle's somewhat overbearing nature with me!

So I headed out, after using the ATM at the college, to re-stock the cash in my purse. All easy, now I have the hang of things.

The bus took ages to arrive, and of course, by the time I got on the bus, I was already nearly late! But, better late than never!

Anyway, I got there, and found Greg. Michelle flew in not long after. She had been waiting at the bus stop in Tianning Lu for me, but I came a different way. She was surprised to see Greg there. But it was all good. Melrose arrived not much later, and I think Michelle was quite overwhelmed by the fact that we had all been her colleagues at one time or another at the Zhaoqing Business and Technology College. (Gong Shan)

Much chatter, as you can imagine. Michelle is now married to a guy in Michigan, and she commutes over there each holiday, then comes back here during the term time.

We had a nice lunch, and when it was time to go, Michelle was hinting at going up to her house and she would cook dinner for us, but I told her that I was planning to cook for Scott. Greg had to go shopping, and Melrose wandered up the street with me.

I got her to come to the mobile phone shop, to see if we could get a better price if we both bought the same phone in one transaction. But no, her price is firm. It's still a good price, so I decided to get her to get me the one I want.

Tomorrow, I will be the proud owner of a Huawei Honor 7x, which has only been released for a few weeks. And she can get me a blue one, for the same price as the other ones, which makes her price even better than what Frankle could find for me. I paid a 300 RMB deposit, and with a lot of struggle through language barriers, we managed to hook up on wechat, so I can communicate with her, and we can just send messages in our own language, and then translate what we can't read. I just LOVE wechat for it's simple translation.

She said to come in after 11am tomorrow, but then she changed it and said after 12, in case the courier is held up.

So, I headed for home, and Melrose for hers, with me excited about managing to get the phone I want, and knowing just what was going on, despite the language difficulties!!

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