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Bridge over the Ohio River

Clowning around

Well it was interesting pulling in to Bud's place. I was in touch with him by phone as we drove in. He kept saying he didn't know how he was going to have us pull in, and finally said he would be standing by the road waiting for us. He had decided to have us pull in through the grass to the brand new pad he had poured for us to park on. We were skeptical since they had recently had so much rain, so Don very gingerly started onto the grass. It only took a couple feet for us to realize that we would sink out of sight if we continued so stopped, backed back out on the highway and pulled in the drive forwards.Then we had to figure out how to park and still unhook the truck without driving out on the grass. THEN we had to level the trailer. Bud and I built quite a platform for the wheels and finally got us level. Meanwhile, Lori arrived home from a run to Owensboro for steaks for dinner. After we got all set up the guys fired up the grill and steaks were prepared for dinner.

The next day, after breakfast, Lori headed to Nashville for a 2-day sewing class. I cooked all our meals while she was gone, with the exception of breakfast the first day. Bud was friends with the restaurant owner so introduced us. I told him he should offer fried catfish for breakfast, along with fried green tomatoes. He laughed at me, but before we left he brought me out a to-go box with 2 strips of fried catfish. Later Don and I went into town to get propane and go to Wal-Mart. That afternoon I did laundry while Don and Bud washed the outside of the trailer.

The next morning, after breakfast, I prepared to wash dishes while Don was at the house to work on the computer. That is until I noticed that my dish soap was missing. And I knew that Don definitely had something to do with it. And sure enough, he had left it on top of the trailer, and then tried to convince me he had done it on purpose. Right! So since he had to climb back up he took some trim he was going to replace and spent the next hour or so getting that done. Then he checked air pressures and lubed the axles (or something.) So we were ready to go. We grilled hamburgers for dinner, and Lori came back early.

The next night we just kind of vegged and Lori and I combined forces for dinner.

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