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Jazz festival in Nelson

Flowers everywhere

Cosy town

Kaiteriteri beach

Cliff with birds that can dive to 90 meters!

Kayakers taking a close-up look at the seal colony

Kayakers taking a close-up look at the seal colony

Two doubles

Beautiful water

New Zealand fur seals

Nice view

My water taxi with 225 HP!!!

Tramping in the Able Tasman National Park

Me on a tidal crossing

Tidal plateau

Tidal plateau

Boat from Normandy?

More lush forests

Private helicopter...

Flower garden

Tidal plateau

Funny water

Tidal plateau

Beach at Bark Bay

View from the track

Bark Bay Hut

Kayak tour, having coffee on the beach. Real Capuchino!

Sea Kayaks

My kayak...


Our kayaks on another beach not far from Split Apple Rock

Kayakers on open sea (sort of)

Pretty nice place...

It's me - Juhuu

That shape under the water is an Eagle Ray! And it's BIG!

Me in the kayak with Jacco from Holland

Four sea-kayaks under sail in rough waters

Me with Split Apple rock in the background. The one in the...

Welcome back!

This post is about my adventures in Able Tasman National Park. Able Tasman is actually the name of the Dutch explorer who discovered this part of New Zealand, hence the name of the "Tasman Sea"... Ahaaa ;-)

Anyway, next thing I knew I was on the green Kiwi bus again heading to Nelson, the city in New Zealand with the most hours of sunshine at all. And it rained.. Wow..

Next day it cleared up and we had at least 25-27 degrees in the shade. Pyyh.

I soon discovered Nelson had a nice annual Jazz festival, much like Copenhagen, with outdoor concerts and everything. Very nice.

After soaking up Nelson I went on a wonderful two-day trip to the Able Tasman National Park starting with a water-taxi ride from Kaiteriteri to Waiharakeke or simply Waihike. I tramped from the drop down to Bark Bay (5,5 hours tramp) and stayed in the DOC hut overnight. DOC is Department of Conservation, as you should know..

Next day I went on a really really cool guided sea kayak trip from Bark Bay back down to Kaiteriteri with Kaiteriteri Kayak Company. It was a full day head on. We saw lots and lots of NZ fur seals, some even swan straight under my kayak - it was amazing! And throughout the trip we experienced both super calm and very rough waters. Sometimes a big wave would come crashing down over your head, other times you would "ride" the waves like a surfer. Some of the way we even raised a 9 square meters sail! That's fun I tell ya.

Back in Kaiteriteri the company took us back to Nelson in a nice shuttle bus.

So far so good.

Next post is about the trip from Nelson to Westport. Enjoy!

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