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Getting nervous

In the turning back

Incredible view

Here we go

Thumbs up

Taking in the view

So today I decide to do my first ever sky dive over Whitsunday Islands, Adam decided to support me from the ground.

We got to the airport field and I got into a very sexy pair of blue trousers and a harness.

The guy I jumped with look so chilled he was the only one not in a uniform, instead he had shorts and a t-shirt on. He told me he had done lots of sky dives and that I was in safe hands.

Surprisingly I wasn't too nervous, I was excited, maybe it helps when you don't know what to expect.

The plane pulled up and my guy talked me through what I needed to do. We started my video with an interview of how I felt then got into the plane.

The flight took us about twenty minutes over Whitsunday Islands, it was such a beautiful view. Then the guy clipped us together and did his checks. The door opened and three people left before me. Its funny how they disappear from the door. My turn, I wiggled to the door put my head on his shoulder and were away!!

The first couple of seconds my tummy was in my mouth then I took a deep breath I was free falling, such an incredible feeling. We flew through the clouds, they were so cold. With a jolt the parashute was open and we were drifting. The guy asked me to hold the handles for a second, scary!

The landing was the part I was most nervous about but we landed fine.

So happy I did this experience I will never forget.

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