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Arriving in Pella

This plaque was downtown at the park where their Tulip Tower stood

The Tulip Tower

Visitor center.

Dutch pastry, cookies, breads...

and more

The Royal Amsterdam Hotel. The canal is visible on the right

And it meanders through the complex

I crossed this bridge to visit the Pella Windows showroom

Windows in this room and a similar room displayed their doors

Since I went to lunch at 11:15 I was their first customer....

My lunch

And a description of what Dutch lettuce is

The 'lunchbox' was okay. The salad was terrific.

Pella's museum, and I noticed the reserved parking signs. I was shocked...

So I first took a picture of the one next to the...

And then realized the last one said MUSEUM visitors...not MUSLIM. Yes, I...

Pella Windows' beautiful entrance.

The Vermeer Mill tour took us up 4 flights of stairs. Mill...

There were many more buildings than what I've included


and one is able to enter all the buildings, shops, homes, church...

Wyatt Earp's family lived for a time in this home

a side view of the Earp home




Views from the second story in the Earp home


A replica of the Hollanders original church

and its interior

For those who want even a bit more history...





Within the windmill


taken from on the ledge under the big blades.

Several miniature Dutch villages



The train is moving

A tour of some Pella homes...











and flowers. I do love flowers.



Monday was my day off and it was indeed a special day. Pella, Iowa, just 40 miles from Altoona, was my destination and it surpassed my expectations.

I knew it was a Dutch community and a proud bunch they are. Downtown truly felt like Holland, or very near the real thing. A beautiful park was the centerpiece and though I was too late to see their annual Tulip Festival held the first week of May, flowers were everywhere. When I entered town, it seemed it was a city ordinance to have flowers planted in a row in front of one's residence.

I spoiled myself and enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the restaurant in the Royal Amsterdam Hotel, which was the anchor in a beautiful complex divided by a flowing crystal clear canal. So Netherlands. After lunch I headed off to see Pella Windows' corporate headquarters and site of their factory. I once sold Andersen and Marvin Windows and Pella was a significant competitor. They had a nice little museum, but factory tours were not offered. Huge factory. Lovely entrance to the headquarters. Impressive.

The highlight, well, after being introduced to Dutch lettuce, was my visit to the Vermeer Mill and windmill. They actually grind wheat there one day a month. It is a very authentic Dutch windmill, surrounded by a Dutch village. Much to my surprise, one of Wyatt Earp's childhood homes was on the premises.

The 800 Hollanders who came to the area in 1847 to seek religious freedom, named their city after a city in ancient Macedonia which had also been a refuge for those seeking that freedom.

It was a good day.

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