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Danang Fishing port

Hai Van Pass



The lady tailor who made my dress

We were told by our escort not to leave the hotel for our circular warm-up trip before 10.00am. We were to follow the Hai Van Pass, Jeremy Clarkson's favourite road. The police changed our rouite, wishing us to avoid the centre of Danang. We were able to see the high rise buildings of Danang, the new and not-quite-finished resorts that now line the coast, the marble factories and the marble mountains as we drove towards the pass.

The pass was a very pleasant drive but I think that the Clarkson opinion was a little over the top. At the summit the car, which had been coughing and choking, was examined by Paul and Robin. Meanwhile I examined what was on offer for tourists. I bought some pink pearls to wear on the rally for $10. They are very pretty (I found out lateer that they are indeed freshwater pearls. Shame they are damaged by insect repellent).

Our return route was through a new tunnel. The car ran better after a longer period of driving. Robin swapped the coil at a petrol station at the end of the day but general opinion was that it was the fuel purchased the day before that was at fault. The problem was cured by much plug cleaning and draining the bottom of the petrol tank.

During the afternoon we did our final packing. At 5pm there was a meeting to compare notes on marking up of maps. At 7pm we walked into town with Stuart and Becky Woodhead via the night market and then ate with the Harrisons and Shaws. There was good Vietnamese food!

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