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Up at 3:15 am. My husband, Rip Van Winkle, who can sleep on command could not fall asleep last night. Me, the one who gets up and reads in the middle of the night and can never sleep did just fine till the alarm went off.

We are at the Tampa airport drinking $4 coffee and taking bad selfies. I had my knees padded down again even after the puffer booth. I admit my knees appear to be packed with something but I am equally sure excessive knee "Fat " is not illegal. Dick has just confessed he forgot his toothbrush.

Note: Not all women should wear white spandex with a red thong. Dick is trying to erase the image from his retinas. The man bun is alive and flurishing.

Arrived in Charlotte ,NC and the morinig clothing reflects fewer pajama bottoms and lots more jeans and hoodies. It is 34 degrees here and my feet are cold.

There was a small group of women on their way to Las Vegas. They are dressed in various forms of hooker couture. One was in six inch high spiked boots, maximum cleavage , and a very well defined booty. Problem it is not her natural booty and the some padding was showing below her leather skirt.

We arrived in Los Angles in time for the Super Bowl. Day one complete.

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