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We were told to be at the station by 7:30am. One couple was told 6:30am and security let them into the station. By 8:00am they were set up for tea,coffee, and pastries. My stomach was still rocking and rolling and we even considered staying in Perth and leaving the following Sunday but here we were ,a jug of hand wipes boarding the train.

Our cabins were not across from each other, Dick's was further down the hall. They claimed the manifest said it was so, even though our ticket said it wasn't. To weak to fight we moved into our 9 by 3 space. Each had a sink, one small drawer under it, a small towel cupboard, with a waste basket. Across was a narrow cupboard I hung my toiletry bag in. There was a built in chair with arms, a very small pull down table, and a covered bench for guests or in my case a footstool.

The two bathrooms for our car were right next door and at the other end of the car were 2 more bathrooms with large showers. There was a tea and biscuits station across the hall with filtered water. ....and we were off.

When I say we were "off " I mean in every sense of the word. Traveling cross country on a train with a giant tub of disinfectant wipes, panty pads, and medication that was not working. I stayed as much as I could in my cubical and read but eventually we had to go to the lounge and wait our assigned time for dinner. If you did not arrive at the given time your car stewart tracked you down and took you there. No missed meals on her watch. This was also when you mingled with the other guests. We had met 90% of them on the cruise. There was very little I even dared try on the menu. No plain white food, rice, chicken, oatmeal, or fish. Everything was infused, covered with pesto, purrayed with garlic or had dairy. Hard rolls were my only choice. DIck was pretty much past his bout the medication having worked its magic.

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