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Leaving Glendive MT the landscape is slowly changing

State Number Four!!! North Dakota

Just so beautiful, I have to take pictures. 30 mph winds, could...

Approaching Medora, ND and the North Badlands

North Badlands, behind our campsite Medora, ND

And they call the wind Maria . . . . .Remember that song?? Paint Your Wagon was the movie, They Call The Wind Maria . . . . Over and over in my head to day as winds up to 30 mph mostly pushed us along from Glendive, MT to a surprise little jewel of Medora, North Dakota. Got a fairly early start this morning, still trying to stay ahead of more nasty weather. Our route actually takes us onto I-94 where the speed limit is 80mph in Montana!! I was a little freaky about it, but early in the morning, very little traffic which moved way over for us and with very wide shoulders, it wasn't so bad. Only about 5 miles and we got off onto Old Highway 10 and that is when the wind was definitely behind us and we flew along quite wonderfully!! The wind was so strong, it actually still was quite hard work. It would gust from the side sometimes and if you lean into it, when it stopped gusting a bit of a swerve was inevitable!!

The scenery is making a change as we are now in the Badlands of North Dakota. As we reached the end of the route on Old Highway 10 and had to rejoin I-94 for another mile, we had to take a sharp S-turn up in between the safety of small hills which blocked our wind. Just as we got to the very top, making that last turn a HUGE gust of wind actually blew us both right off of our bikes!!!! I hit the guard rail trapping my leg in between my bike and the rail, thought I was going to go right over the top!! I looked up and Mike was on the ground!! We couldn't believe it!! It was just one sharp gust and that was it!! Never experienced anything like that before! No injuries!! Just a great story to remember!!

Medora is the sweetest little town! Very much a wee tourist town, they are famous for the largest single track for mountain biking. The 150 mile long Maah Daah Hey Trail. We may stay for the day tomorrow, or at least the morning and have a little look around, find out what else they are famous for!

Mike ended up with a new chain and rear cluster. We just had new ones before we left, but you can't argue with the facts when you look at the wear on the teeth of the cluster and the chain!! Oh well.

More rain out there. We are braving it in the tent and 30 mile an hour winds!! Hopefully if it does rain, it will be short and we will be dry by morning! Fingers crossed!

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