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Carpes in the forest at The Oaks RV park

The BP is west of I 95 and Flash on the east

And, Flash Foods has nice truck lanes, which we really like!

Interstate 95 in Georgia

Welcome to South Carolina

Image showing quagmire that is Thousand Trails

We visited Parris Island Marine Depot
The museum is very interesting

Thu, 19 May: Heading north...

We left the WalkABout RV park at 0820 and Bob drove a mile to the Flash Foods just east of the interstate. Flash Foods diesel was $2.239/gallon, AND they have nice wide truck lanes with loads of room. On the west side was a BP station selling diesel for 56¢/gallon more! Why would anyone buy it there???

After adding 58 gallons of diesel to our tank Bob pulled onto I 95 north and 139 miles later exited in Yemassee South Carolina. The drive north was uneventful altho the traffic did increase as we neared Savannah. Our GPS sent us to the wrong place so we disconnected the car and Sandi went looking for the RV park while Bob cooled his heels in the coach. We use our HAM radio gear to communicate at times such as this, and it really comes in handy.

We eventually got things straightened out and pulled into The Oaks Thousand Trails. This is, without a doubt, the worst Thousand Trails park we yet to visit. It is a quagmire with muddy ruts everywhere. Trees are everywhere and it is so dark and dank that we have to run lights midday. Satellite TV and/or solar power? Forget About It!!!

We did get settled just ahead of the rain. It poured most of the afternoon and evening, but we were cozy in our home in the forest. One thing positive, it is quiet.

Today's run was 140 miles with an overall fuel usage of 8⅓ mpg.

Saturday, 21 May: New friends and the U.S. Marines...

We've had a busy few days. Friday continued gloomy and rainy so it was a kicked back stay-at-home day. We caught up on some of our financial matters and household chores. After dinner there was a knock on the door and it was our next door neighbor Dave Fuller inviting us to join their informal campfire group. We accepted and got to meet Dave's lovely bride Rebecca as well as other neighbors Joel & Margaret Pashkin. The Fullers are Escapees, and after we worked them over the Pashkins joined just to get us off their backs.

We managed to solve just about all the world's problems before it got a tad too late for these retirees and we shut it down.

Today we took a road trip to the Parris Island Marine Depot. This is where all the east coast Marines are trained, and is also the site of the Marine Museum, our goal. The museum was very interesting and Bob really enjoyed the displays on the Depot's early (WW I) history.

On the way back we made a Wally stop and also visited a roadside stand for peaches. They are sooooo sweet...

We're outta heah tomorrow.

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