Tom & Roberta take on Spain and Portugal 2015 travel blog

The drive from Seville to Torremolinos was only 2 1/2 hours. The freeway system here is exceptional.

While on the freeway the Navigator barely said a word, it just kept moving us from one freeway to the next continuing in the proper direction. As we neared Malaga and Torremolinos the changes began coming quickly. Tom made the changes and turns very easy to handle and I was so happy to have made it into the town of Torremolinos flawlessly.

Torremolinos is one of many small Beach towns on the Costa Del Sol. It is built one hotel on top of another on top of another with businesses, residences and kiosks taking up every inch of space leaving almost no space what so ever for a road let alone a road with cars going in both directions. What streets there were twisted and curved at odd angles with hairpins turns. Directions now were coming rapidly and in French and we needed to make turns quickly. We managed okay and continued moving towards the beach in a serpentine fashion, having to stop frequently to let oncoming traffic through because someone has parked in the street and no one can go around. It reminded me of Monte Carlos because the high-rises are all so condensed. The similarity to Monte Carlo ends there as here no one appears to be dripping in wealth, there are no yachts in the harbor or Bentleys on the crammed streets.

We successfully arrived at the bottom looking at the beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea and were completely thrilled to see our Hotel was on the beach. It was hot but as we got out of the car we were welcomed to Torremolinos with fabulous sea breezes and a hotel with a pool.

We were met by a friendly staff and quickly went up to our new digs. The room was modern, large, cool, and when I opened our balcony door was greeted by sea views, palm trees, and the sound of gentle waves lapping at the beautiful warm sandy beach.

Our intension when planning this trip was to use this location as home base to drive up and down the Coast to visit the many other beautiful and historical sites (the Alhambra in Granada another was a mosque/temple now cathedral and also a UNESCO site)

BUT I think it was at this moment here on this balcony that that rigors of the past week and a half caught up with us. Barcelona, with Gaudi, Park Juic, Guell Parc, Gotica, the port, La Rambla, the history. Madrid, the monuments, the historic center the shopping, my goodness, the shopping, meeting old friends for a very late dinner. training over to Toldeo. Historic Toledo where the Spanish Inquisition came into focus for us and we began a journey back in time. Lastly, Seville and our hotel Las Casas de las Juderia.. I can't help pondering that if we hadn't been booked into this particular hotel we would have missed the heart of City of Seville from BC forward in time. Not to mention Christopher Columbus.

Here on the balcony in the beach town of Torremolinos we just looked at each other and said "can we just stay here and not move?" Is it allowed? I mean we can stay home in San Carlos and veg.......we came here to discover Spain, who knows when we will ever be lucky enough to be here again. This is our LAST stop in Spain. Is walking up and down the same beach promenade for 2 1/2 days legal???

We decided ABSOLUTELY! The look feel and taste of the salt air demands we do an about face, plant it and enjoy the light laid back atmosphere of Spain's Coastal del Sol....Ole!

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