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Vanni says we missed the Rome rush hour traffic. I am not so sure. As soon as our suitcases arrived in our room we went to the Rome train station, a block and a half away to check things out and see about verifying our tickets which is the Italian law. The place is a madhouse and we look like gawking tourists. Immediately a young woman, well dressed with a lanyard tucked into her blouse appears at our side and says in perfect English: "May I help you?" We said yes and she told us to follow her. Now we have been told throughout Europe to beware of gypsies. So as she started toward a dark corridor in the rear of the station we thought Gypsy and we turned away. Every time we went to that station it was the same thing.

The system in that station to speak to anyone in authority is bizarre. Stand in line to take a number. Then wait around till your number is called. There seems to be 100 people in front of you. Richard didn't have the passports and thought we may need them so I ran back to the hotel to get them. When I got back he is agitated. It seems he asked a man in a Trenitalia Railroad vest about printing and validating the tickets. The man told him: "No problem. I help." He grabbed all our papers out of Richard's hand including all the Budapest ticket information and disappeared behind the Trenitalia ticket counter. Panic. But 5 minutes after I got there he returned with the printed and validated tickets and all was well.

Vanni walked a group of us toward the Forum pointing out restaurants and the canoli place. We decided on Cletos and shared our dinner with David and Chris and Annelle and Patsy. Wonderful dinner. Then we went for a canoli. Bob and Betty are already there. Then John, David, Chris and Greg come. And finally Clarence, Carline and Roz. It was a Gate 1 reunion.

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