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Does It Look Like Rain?

The Castle Before The Rain

Viv On Beach Walk

High winds, thunderstorms & heavy rain all night together with the constant roaring of the nearby waves meant a pretty disturbed night. The heavy rain in particular being blasted against the roof & walls of Elsie kept the noise level up high. The good thing with all the wind & rain was that nobody appeared at the site to ask for payment. We waited about for a while but there were no notices or anything about payments so we gave up & pushed on down to the toe of Italy.

We had some caches to look for on the way South so we detoured off the main coastal road down into a couple of seaside towns along the way. The second one we looked for took us to an old ruined castle & we parked up Elsie to walk up a hill to check out the cache. It was apparently hidden at the base of the castle & I had to scramble around looking for it while Viv waited back on the road. Well the rain started again & the heavens opened. Viv headed for cover under some trees while I continued to search, getting wetter & wetter as the rain got heavier & heavier. In the end I had to give up looking & headed back to get Elsie & then Viv from her shelter. We both needed to change into dry clothes as we were soaked.

The heavy rain & some hail continued on & off all morning so we just kept driving. When we stopped again at lunchtime for some groceries we found that the window behind Viv's seat where the seal had been replaced just before Xmas was letting in quite a lot of water & the seat cushions under it were wet. We had noticed some water on the cill after previous rain but not as much as there was now. So much for the new seal but no obvious gaps around the window.

The rain had stopped by then so we drove on & stopped for lunch at a pretty little remote spot down by the sea. We did hike along the beach after lunch looking for a cache that was nearby but after trudging half a mile along the beach to a rocky outcrop & scrambling our way part way round it we couldn't get right round to the cache. It was right round the other side & wasn't reachable from our side. It was a good walk though & at least we didn't get wet this time.

We pushed on past villages tucked away away up the mountainsides & down along the coast to our final night stop on the Italian mainland in Parmi. The mountains seem to go on & on all the way down the Western coast of Italy but Parmi was down at sea level again. One unusual sight as we drove through a large town just before Parmi was the large number of coloured guys riding along on bikes. We presumed it was knocking off time at the local factories or farms but it was unusual as most Italians ride scooters if they are not in cars. We have noticed all the way down through Italy that there are large numbers of, what we take to be African immigrants, in the major towns & cities.

We had just checked in at the site for the night when the rain started yet again so it was another night in listening to the rain pattering on the roof. Not so heavy as last night though. At least we had an Internet connection at this site so could catch up a bit with family & emails etc.

Mileage today - 146

Total Mileage to date - 2,118

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