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Myrtle Beach has a fortunate location in the middle of the Grand Strand on sixty miles of beach. We've been coming here since the 1980's and every time we do, we are amazed by its growth. We've always come in the spring before the main beach season and can only imagine how crazy it must be here when the countless hotels and campgrounds are full. Huge parking lots of RV's line Business 17. They are placed on sites in campgrounds when their owners/renters arrive. Beach supply stores the size of a Super Walmart are everywhere. Seafood buffets compete for our patronage. It's also a golf mecca and premier courses are interspersed with mini golf ones.

Right now the temperatures are cooler than we would like; ironically it's about the same temperature at home. But in the summer the cool winds off the sea must provide a bit of relief to the Carolinians who are fleeing the sweltry summer weather. Mike a friend from home, has joined us here for the first trip in his new RV. Right now it's all so thrilling he hasn't noticed the cold. The forecast promises improvement.

Our campground is almost as large as the one we enjoyed in Titusville, but the RV sites are much closer together. We are right on the edge and can watch the waves crashing into the beach from inside the motor home, when it's too cold to sit out and read. Behind the RV area, all sorts of beach homes are crammed together. There was no architectural review committee here. Some houses are on stilts, other sprawl within inches of one another. Right now most of them are empty, but when summer comes and they are full, there must be traffic jams in the campground as well as out on the highway. There's an indoor and outdoor pool, health club, beach volleyball, basketball, restaurant - another bubble it would be easy not to leave.

We walked the downtown boardwalk which is lined with ticky tacky stores and restaurants. A carnival with a ferris wheel is taller than nearby hotels. But ritzier areas with fancy hotels have been added over the years so Myrtle appeals to vacationers of all income levels.

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