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Inside the Garden of Eden


Looking out from the Garden of Eden




Day 20 of our boot camp – Tuesday 16 April 2013

Kings Canyon

Today we got up according to our clock at 6:00am ready so we didn’t miss the sunrise and the rim walk that is 6km not doing any side tracks, which what we always do! We ran to the platform thinking we would be late. When we got there, there was absolutely nobody at all there and we couldn’t see any signs of the sun. For ages there was no sign of the Atkins or the sun. Finally we saw the Atkins up and we gave up on this sunrise.

We started up the engine and started to drive to the start of the rim walk. At the beginning of the rim walk it was extremely hard as we were going up the gorge. It was very steep, but once you got up the top you were fine.

There was many lookouts looking to the other side of the canyon, the surrounding countryside and to the Garden of Eden, but it also meant many places I could easily fall. I wasn’t allowed anywhere near the edge as I am awfully clumsy.

There was a tour guide behind us that told their tour group that there was this place a bit out of the track that the professionals get their photos of Kings Canyon here. Dad went down and you certainly get fantastic photos.

On the side track there is a place called the Garden of Eden, to get to there you went down many steps and arrived at a beautiful waterhole which you could swim in. Alex, Dad, Gerard and Joseph went in, in their shorts. We finished the walk and had to say “WOW.”

The Atkins left to go back to Alice Springs to wait for their car repair and we thought we were going back to the park but we still had one more walk to do.

This walk was called Kings Creek Walk. At least this walk is only 2km no side tracks to a look out. We got to this lookout and got talking to these people. After a while we finally got in the car and drove off.

When we go back we had a massive late lunch and did a refreshing swim and Alex and I did heaps of laps. We also had a chat to our next door neighbours and we found out that we had the wrong time so we actually got up at 5:30am not 6.00am for 7:00am sunrise.

After our big swim we got prepared for sunset as we definitely didn’t want to miss today’s sunset. We were all ready when we thought we had enough time to have a shower. We did this. I had a shower and got dressed and raced up to the sunset viewing platform. I was running up that platform when gradually the amount of people decreased. When I finally got there was only a few people left. I got a picture with a tiny bit of sun, well let’s say I missed it again! After thinking of my sorrow I walked down the platform to then see my Mum. Now she had definitely missed it!

After this exhausting day we had dinner then bed.

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