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Welcome to Illinois

Our campsite at Hickory Hollow Campground

Easy drive again today along Route 30. We travel the regular roads interspersed with interstates because you go through small towns and get to see more scenery. There are many times when I wish we had a smaller RV so we could stop in some of these towns and take a walk-about but right now, the Midwest is in the middle of a heat wave with temps in the 90’s so we wouldn’t be doing much walking around anyway.

We stopped at the Walmart in Valparaiso to get some cash before we hit the toll part of I-80 around Chicago and, since we did no shopping (for once) we were on our way again in no time.

Sights along the way: HUGE warehouses on the outskirts of Chicago, huge Pioneer Seed plant, The Berry Patch Farm (in Indiana), several trucks full of chickens (how do the ones in the middle of the truck get any air the way they’re stacked on top and around each other?), and we passed several houses going down the highway.

Into the Hickory Hollow RV Park at 3:00….well, we also crossed into the Central Time Zone so it was really only 2:00. We’ve been here before and like this campground so we were going to stay here for several days but when Bob went to register us, he was told they only honor Passport America (our 50% off camping club) for 2 so that was that. Then we find out they only take cash (no mention of this on their website). Well, Bob had a grand total of $18.00 with him so he paid for one night (short 50 cents) and said we’d get back with the rest of the money later.

So we get set up and go out for a geocache then decide to stop for dinner at Denny’s. As I’m getting out of the truck, the phone rings and it’s the campground wanting their 50 cents!! I told them we were at Denny’s to have dinner and that we’d stop in the office when we got back to pay the 50 cents and tomorrow night’s fee. She said we should come back now so the girl can balance out and close her register. I explained we were not leaving dinner for 50 cents and have the girl put 50 cents in the register and we’d settle up when we got back. She proceeded to tell me that if we didn’t pay now, she couldn’t guarantee us a site for tomorrow night either. I repeated that we would settle up after dinner. She hung up on me. Oh, I was steamed!!! Anyway, we did have a nice dinner, went back, paid the 50 cents for tonight and the $18.50 for tomorrow and that was that. Bob said there was someone different in there when he went in. Needless to say, we will NOT stay here again (even though it’s a nice campground) if we can avoid it.

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