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Carpe rests at the Checotah Wal*Mart

Surviving another drive through Dallas

It was a short drive north till we reached Okalhoma

US 69 in Oklahoma

US 69 in Oklahoma

Thu, 16 May: We weren't expecting an early morning rousting since the fan clutch wasn't due to arrive until after ten. That said, at eight Jason knocked on our door and asked if they could start work removing the old fan so they could get a jump on installing the new one as soon as it came in. Of course we agreed and vacated the coach in record time.

The power had still not come on yet and the facility was running on emergency generators. The emergency power did not extend to the RV lounge so we did the next best thing and went out for breakfast. Once back at ATC Freightliner we sat in the car reading and listening to the radio.

Last nite's tornadoes did considerable damage in several areas west and south of Dallas/Fort Worth. Six people were killed and scores lost their homes. A very tragic event. We're not big fans of severe thunder storms, much less their malevolent relatives.

The fan clutch came in as scheduled and the technician worked through his lunch hour to get us going. They were aware of Bob's brother's passing and wanted us to get going as much as we wanted to get going. One snag, no electricity to run the diagnostics computer. They wanted to re-run the diagnostics to ensure that the new clutch was working OK.

Carpe had the solution, our built in 8KW Onan generator. We started it up and they plugged the computer into our system and got the work done by 1430. Once Carpe was backed out of the bay we got the car connected and went to see about settling the bill. Guess what? Freightliner covered the entire cost of diagnostics and repairs under "Customer Goodwill". And we are two years out of warranty! That is what we call Customer Service.

We rolled out of ATC Freightliner's facility about three and retraced our route along the I435 bypass to US 75. We encountered little traffic until some construction south of McKinney. We stopped at the QT in McKinney to top off our diesel tanks with $3.499/gallon fuel. We know it'll be more expensive in just about any other state.

We continued north on US 75 to the Oklahoma border where it became US 69. It was four lane all the way, mostly divided but we did go thru many small towns, several with multiple stop lites. We continued until dusk when we holed up for the nite in the Checotah, OK Wal*Mart parking lot.

It was a long day and we were pretty tired. We covered 228 miles and averaged about nine mpg including city driving and congestion.

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