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We love to come to Las Vegas to see what's new and to go to shows. We go to shows at home and wherever we happen to be, but the theaters and performances here are on another level altogether. But they aren't getting any cheaper. So our routine is to head to the Fashion Show Mall to the tix4sale office and look for deals. There are other branches of tix4sale up and down the Strip, but the mall has great parking and we know where to go. Actually parking is never a problem in Las Vegas. Behind every casino are huge multi story decks and parking is always free. And then we walk and walk and walk. Everything here is built on an enormous scale. At home we think that Woodfield Mall is huge, but it would fit in one small corner of the Fashion Show Mall. It contains every store we've ever heard of and many we have not. It gets its name from the center area where fashion shows complete with programs and runway models are held on the hour every the weekend.

I digress. Every night there are about eighty shows to see in Las Vegas. Some start as early as seven or as late as midnight, so if you tried hard you could see three. We don't try that hard. Tix4sale offers discounted sales to many of these shows, but if you want to see Celine Dion, who I think of as Ms. Las Vegas, she is never discounted. There are also some that we have seen already and some we have no interest in. Still the variety of choices is daunting. The big shows like Cirque d' Soleil are only available on the day they take place, but others like the illusionist from Germany that we saw you can buy a day ahead. Tx4sale also has some discounts for meals, but after trying one, I'd put what we paid in the "special occasion" category.

Tickets purchased, we head out to see what's been built since we were here last. The tasteful opulence is designed to amaze and it does. My jaw drops and I find myself saying "wow" over and over. Each new casino tries to trump what came before. When we went to the Cirque show it was in a new complex of casinos we had never even heard of. And the huge theater, built specifically for the show we saw, added another dimension to the always excellent series of acrobats, clowns, and musicians. Duplicates of the performers and scenery were projected on the edges of the state, making it as hard to sort out what was real from what was not as watching CGI in a film. Wow, wow and wow again.

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