Winter 2012 - 2013 travel blog

Didn't do much - didn't go anywhere.

Just a week of staying home and healing. Ron is doing well.

We did go see a new Dr. on Tuesday. Our former GP had moved to Phoenix and it was another 120 mile round trip to see him. So we are scoping out new Drs.

I'm impressed to the office staff - friendly, remember you, get previous records and smile. That's a big change from other office staff we have met. Dr. is a short little shit but seems to know his stuff. Ordered blood tests and x-ray, gave Ron a script for diuretic and said to call back. Nurse or PA called on Wed. to report on blood work and to ask how he was doing. Follow-up on Apr. 2 or sooner if needed.

So we have found a DR. for Ron. He has a cardio follow-up on the 20th.

I'm going to wait until he is a bit more stabilized with Drs. before I find one. But I think I have one picked out from the same practice.

I can see Ron getting stronger each day. He cut up the cardboard boxes we had saved (and not used) for La Fiesta and took them to the dump. He went grocery shopping on Saturday by himself while I stayed home and made chicken soup.

It was a chicken soup day Friday and Saturday. Cold, windy, rain and sleet. Snow on the mountains and clouds so low they got caught in the trees. In other words, YUCKY!!!

Saturday morning was pancakes at the AC. Too bad for me - I had made an apple pie the night before and my blood sugar was as high as the mountains. So I had to skip breakfast. (This morning it is way down so being good yesterday paid off.)

I tried to go to the Park spring garage sale but it was just too cold. I came home and made soup.

Oh! I forgot. On Thursday, I found the floor and the rest of our bedroom. During the remodel of the kitchen and living room, all kinds of stuff was stuffed in our bedroom (and the den, but that is a different story). All the drapes, rods, blinds were in front of the closet. I also had the pillows and mattress from the day bed plus some of the end tables in there. They had been taken out, but not the drapes, etc. Plus, at various times, remnants of unfolded clean clothes and the suitcase, etc. that went to the hospital last week had been added to the pile.

Anyway, I made that my goal for the week and achieved it. Everything is put away, dresser and bed stands cleaned off, room dusted and vacuumed, bedding washed and remade and even the closet arranged and organized. What a concept!!! It sure was nice to wake to a clean room on Friday morning.

On Friday I started on the den. It is a much different story. First of all there are many, many types of clutter to sort thru. Kitchen stuff left over from the remodel that has no home, papers needing to be filed, just plain stuff that has no classification that probably should be thrown, but probably won't, and craft supplies that need to be sorted and found a home. I did get the desk cleaned off and some of the paperwork sorted but then ran out of steam. So that is my goal for next week. Tune in to see if I make it.

So that is what is happening at our house. Hope things are well at yours. Keep smiling, stop and smell the roses or at least admire what God has given us. Most of all ENJOY!!!

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