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This is the way they look most of the time. Full tummies...

Ditto (named because she is marked like her mother) likes to use...

Annie - what more can I say. C!U!T!E!!!!

SUNDAY: It was the day we had driven 2 days for - - and I was sick. Don't know if it was something I ate – don't think so – or a flu bug but I certainly had some “tummy troubles”. We had left elder daughter's house a day early so we could get here to hear younger daughter sing at church.

After some tea and toast, a long hot shower at daughter's house we got ready for church. She was very happy to see us – so I know she would have been disappointed if I hadn't showed.

Her song was beautiful, and the young lady doing liturgical ballet with it was lovely. I'm so glad I made it.

I stuck with tea and toast for most of the day and felt good enough to try my SIL (son-in-law)'s BBQ ribs for dinner. They were delicious as usual.

MONDAY: Still felt a big rocky but a lot better from Sunday. Just hung around the house looking thru the window at the puppies. They have grown so much from the first picture of them that was sent out last week. Blaze is a great mommy dog. She keeps the puppies just as clean as all get out and must be feeding them well as all they do is sleep.

Sara made a great chicken pot pie for dinner. Very yummy.

TUESDAY: A very hot day so we went swimming. Sara has a big blowup pool that is about 4 ft. deep. It felt like bath water and was great to cool off in.

WEDNESDAY: We are to keep an eye on the puppies for the next two days. Really not a hard job. We make sure Blaze has water, take her out at noon and feed her lunch. She takes care of the puppies. They are growing like weeds.

THURSDAY: Ah!! eyes are coming open. They are getting a lot more active and are cuter to watch. Other than that – the days are a bit the same. I'm either stitching on my counted cross stitch or reading on the Kindle. There is a lot of food here and I'm trying not to snack.

FRIDAY: Dave was home today but did a lot of errands plus taking the other two dogs to the Vet for their shots, so we were on puppy duty today, too. Didn't stay for the Olympics Opening as we knew it would get too late.

SATURDAY: Washed some clothes and tried to help Sara a bit. Watched some of the Olympics.

Blaze continues to be a great mama to the pups. The biggest ones are now over 3 pounds and everyone has their eyes open. I'm thinking that they are also starting to hear altho their ears are still closed.

Had a neighbor couple over for a fish fry tonight. YUM-O!! Walleye with sweet potato and regular french fries. Also cold slaw and potato salad. It was great.

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

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