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World's largest pheasant

Yesterday (July 9) was quite uneventful as we were driving into North Dakota. We did see, however, the world’s largest pheasant. We camped overnight in the Sam’s/Walmart parking lot in Bismark, North Dakota’s state capital. We decided to camp early (6 ish). Less than 100 miles until we get into Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Now, I ask dear readers, what is the worst thing that can happen to you while you are sleeping? Having just fallen asleep, I am awoken to Janice’s “Oh my God, Oh my God!” Of course, I tumble out of my bed, in that just awoken stupor, to see what was the cause of her terror….she is gasping “there is a frog on my bed”. I stand in the doorway of her bedroom looking at the bed, of course I can’t see the frog because I have not thought to put on my glasses. Once I retrieve my glasses, I finally can see the cause of her distress…the cutest little green tree frog about the size of a half dollar. So, I pick it up and toss it out the window, crawl back into bed and go back to sleep. ( Sorry, no photos, I was in a sleep stupor) This morning (7-10) we are trying to figure out how that little critter got into the motorhome and from where. We are thinking that we must have picked up this little hitchhiker in Minnesota, probably due to the thanks of my brother John, or cousin Donnie trying to play a trick on us…….and having a good laugh about it.

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