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Final plans made for the day over breakfast. Yve and Jennie would leave later and go on a 1pm 1.5 hour Rock and Roll walking tour; Bevan off to the archives to do a bit of work then he`d join us for the afternoon walk and Mike and I would do the 2 hour walk starting at 10.30 "London`s hidden village" and then an afternoon walk. If any of us were feeling up to it we`d also do `the ancient city by night` walk at 6.30!! (they were the plans!!)

Mike and I did as planned. Joined the tour at the Tower Hill station and set off over the Tower Bridge to Bermondsey. The History of the area: from rural to Abbey; then docks and the more smelly industries like tanneries, breweries, vinegar production and such like; the blitz wiped some of the area; then it was the doldrums as the shipping port moved further downstream to accommodate the larger ships. It became an area for the poor including lots of artists. The latter were useful as some became famous and then it was a more OK place to be. Revitalisation began, with the warehouses and dock buildings getting a revamp into apartments. The new buildings related to old really well.

SO now there are still the poor in social housing, but nice social housing, still the artists and now the yuppies (or whatever their current name is) in the waterfront and adjacent apartments. There are lots of little shops, markets, including the famous Borough ST ones, a textile and design museum (currently showing shoe styles) several small theatres, St Guys hospital (and the old women's operating theatre separate from the hospital..they couldn't be operated on there!)) There's an antique market that opens at 3 am which used to before locals but is now famous and much more. SO much to look at and the place so bustling that getting a passable photo wasn't easy so I stopped trying!

We explored the Borough markets (looking for food for lunch and settled for selecting from the pie shop. Though we didnt try the game pie or the wild boar pie.

Then came a phone call from Yve. She and Jennie had missed their walk. Bevan had joined them and they were all at Trafalgar square were there had just been a 20000 strong protest march.

It took us a while to join them and by then afternoon walks were missed. Bevan and Yve went off on the boat trip that had been part of the previous days bus tour, and Mike Jennie and I started to look for a book shop when the skies opened and we had to head for cover. Back to the National Gallery to see some of the open galleries (some closed because of the strike) It had then become so rainy we headed for home. SO the evening walk was out too.

Tea at the pub finished the day. By good fortune as we were finishing Bevan and Yve arrived. Bevan complete with information on the strike and protest 'enough is enough` as shown on the cap police gave him!

The police section of the strike had another slogan `Cutting police by 20% is criminal`

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