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Prince Leonard with his distinguished guests

Government offices HRP

Island rock

Murchison Rose

A holiday highlight today when we were granted an audience with Prince Leonard of Hutt River Province.

Indeed he is a very clever, articulate man err sorry Prince who beat the Government at its own game, it was a big win for him back in 1970. Today 100% of his produce/cattle/sheep/spring lamb is exported to Australia and the “AUSTEO” (Australian eyes only) document (a copy is in his museum and he should not have it as he is technically not an Australian) shows why he pays no tax. The ATO had ASIO look into the problem he was creating for them and ASIO found that as he lived in a Foreign Country he is not a resident for Tax Purposes, it’s all totally above board. As you could imagine I found him a true inspiration, a true man of the people. He could offer asylum to Julian Assange if he really wanted to rub their noses in it. I did ask if I could claim Political asylum and he remarked that it’s not up to him personally rather up to the Governor of HRP. The Prince personally stamped our Visas for both entry and exit and we bought a set of 40th Anniversary stamps as it’s our 40th anniversary this year.

The roads in are not sealed but are maintained in an exceptional condition though we encountered an echidna and several shingle back lizards basking on the road.

We had our picnic lunch in what at one time was the tea room, now used as picnic facilities for visiting guests of the Prince.

Then we returned by way of the coastal cliffs lookouts and the scenery there is quite exquisite, not to mention rugged and interesting. The Murchison Rose is in flower at this time and looks quite spectacular.

Afternoon tea and happy hour bought our day to an end.

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