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Ft. Chiswell, VA - Ft. Chiswell RV Park - site 48

Ft. Chiswell, VA - Ft. Chiswell RV Park - site 48, another...

Wilkesboro, NC to Ft. Chiswell, VA 0 - our route - 94...

Wilkesboro, NC to Ft. Chiswell, VA 1 - wildflowers in the median

Wilkesboro, NC to Ft. Chiswell, VA 2 - and some more

Wilkesboro, NC to Ft. Chiswell, VA 3 - headed back into the...

Wilkesboro, NC to Ft. Chiswell, VA 4 - lots of traffic

Wilkesboro, NC to Ft. Chiswell, VA 5 - entering Virginia

Wilkesboro, NC to Ft. Chiswell, VA 6 - this area of VA...

Big Walker Mountain Scenic Byway 1 - lots of this on the...

Big Walker Mountain Scenic Byway 2 - from the top

Big Walker Mountain Scenic Byway 3

Big Walker Mountain Scenic Byway 4 - the Battle of Wytheville took...

Big Walker Mountain Scenic Byway 5 - another valley on the other...

Big Walker Mountain Scenic Byway 6 - a classic old home

Big Walker Mountain Scenic Byway 7 - on I-77 on the way...

BRP 1 - lots of bikers seen on the parkway today

BRP 2 - the Puckett Cabin


BRP 4 - if can read the prior placard, you will see...

BRP 5 - our trail for the Round Meadow Creek Trail

BRP 6 - the creek at the bottom of the hill

BRP 7 - the trail on the way back

BRP 8 - Mabry Mill - the mill

BRP 9 - a little closer

BRP 10 - even closer, you can see the gear mechanism

BRP 11 - the water being redirected from a creek up the...

BRP 12 - this mill was used for many things

BRP 13 - the sawmill portion with the blade driven by a...

BRP 14 - the wheels attached to the gear driven rod -...

BRP 15 - on the left is a belt driven sharpening stone...

BRP 16 - the belt-driven lathe

BRP 17 - a belt-driven tongue and groove joiner - the blade...

BRP 18 - a still located on the creek near the mill

BRP 19

BRP 20 - this parked next to us while we were at...

BRP 21

BRP 22 - the visibility wasn't as good today as last Thursday

BRP 23

BRP 24 - more roadside wildflowers

BRP 25

BRP 26 - the flame azaleas were gorgeous!

BRP 27

BRP 28

BRP 29 - believe it or not this gal was doing 40...

It was a pleasant 94 mile trip from Wilkesboro, NC to Ft. Chiswell, VA along mostly interstate highways with only one significant, gradual climb up to the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains before descending slowly onto the plateau near the VA, TN and NC borders.

We are staying at the Ft. Chiswell RV Park which is a large park just outside the town of the same name. When we arrived there were only five rigs (including our Mothership) in the park but by six it was almost full! We have a 50 amp full hookup site with pretty good free WiFi and very good cable as well. We have great Verizon coverage and finding the satellite was quick and easy. Our only complaint would be the narrow site we are in but we can live with it!

Shortly after arriving we headed for a local Italian eatery to celebrate our 44th wedding anniversary which is today, May 11. We had what must be the largest serving of Lasagna we have ever seen. It completely filled a 10 inch plate! After stretching our tummies beyond limits we had only eaten half of it. It will make a fine leftover however. We then took the short Big Walker Mountain Scenic Byway a few miles away (about 40 miles total) which was very nice. There were some great views from the top and we managed to see three more deer, a woodchuck and some kind of cat. It was a young one and it ran before we could get close enough to identify it though we think it may have been a bobcat.

Saturday, the weather was clear so we headed out early to try and cover over 120 miles of the BRP. It did take all day and we enjoyed good weather the whole day. There was still a lot of smog/mist so that visibility wasn't the greatest but it was still very worthwhile. We walked a couple of trails and also visited Mabry Mill which is a great example of an earlier time. I was surprised to find all of the woodworking tools they had that worked off of the waterwheel. We also visited the Puckett Cabin where Orelina Puckett lived as a midwife in the mountains. She helped deliver over 1,000 babies until she died in 1939 at the age of 102. She also delivered her last baby that same year.

Sunday it rained....Monday it rained....Tuesday it rained and HAILED....Wednesday it rained. Boy it has been raining a lot!!! We have had more rain in the last 10 days than we had in eight months last year! Luckily we saw everything we had planned to see last Friday and Saturday when the weather was good. It did allow us to get a lot of odds and ends done around the Mothership and Libby so they are ship shape and ready for the next trip or two.

Tomorrow we head for Lexington, VA for a five night stay to see the rest of the BRP and the Natural Bridges area.

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