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New York City city-scape from Central Park

Tim and Suzie hanging out in Central Park

Tim enjoying a sandwich NYC style "more meat please"

After giving up on another cold night in Gus we booked into a motel on the finger lakes. What a beautiful area, with an abundance of wineries and two incredibly long skinny lakes where they test sonars for ships because they are so deep. The sonar information came courtesy of our very friendly motel hosts that would have talked all night if we hadn't been dying for a shower & warm bed and a feast on the hugest pizza I've ever seen. Pizzas here tend to have 2 or maybe 3 at the most toppings well we order ours, a peperoni with ham, bacon, pineapple, peppers, onions and mushrooms when it was ready the guy calls out the pizza with heaps of stuff and has a little chuckle "where are you from".

What a great night sleep, no vibrating bed this time just pure comfort. We arrived in NYC and made our way through Manhatten and across Brooklyn to Long Island were we set up camp. The campsite would not let us stay unless we had either a tent or a huge RV no sleeping in mid size vans here. So we bought a cheap tent at Wal Mart which quickly adopted the nickname 'the cupboard' we never slept in it we just stored all our food & cooking gear in it and everyone was happy.

NYC what a blast the most intense place we've been to since leaving home, it really is busy 24/7. Where do you start we did and saw so much in the seven days we were in town. We mastered the public transport very qickly catching a train to Manhatten from Long Island (approx 50min) with a starbucks breakfast for the journey, then switching to the subway which services the five boroughs of NYC (Manhatten, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Stanten Island). the bulk of our time was spent in Manhatten around Time SQ, Greenich Village and lower Manhatten. A trip to Yankee stadium for a victorious Yankees game took us to The Bronx and an incredibly fun day.

Other highlights would have to include strolling through Central Park, people watching in Washington Square, drinking in the lower eastside bars and the Stanten Is. Ferry ride (free!) where tim fell in love with a beautiful lady (Liberty) and the views of Manhatten.

Liberty is actually made of copper, so she is a rather bright green colour which really contrasts against the background of buildings and smog to help make her look particularly spectactular.

Speaking of the skyline there is of course the obvious omissions - the World Trade Centre Buildings. We visited the site, which was incredilbly eerie. This wasn't so much because of the actual hole in the ground, but more the mood of everyone there. It is the only quiet place in New York City with hundreds of people all paying their respects.

Without getting too deep, having spent some time in the States, and particularly the NE we have got an insight into the American pyschy and developed an understanding of where they are coming from. This is not an affirmation of everything that has been going on but we now know more about why it is happening.....

We could prattle on endlessly about this city, but what would we talk about when we get home!

Its time to saddle up and party Kentucky stlye.

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