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The Von Trapp Family Grave Sites

The Flowers Around the Grave Sites

The 3rd Generation Von Trapp

The View Across the Valley From the Lodge

The Von Trapp Family Lodge--96 Rooms

The Chapel on the Hillside--Susan, Brenda,and Andrea

Inside the Chapel

We toured the Von Trapp Family Inn and property today. It was a beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the upper 60's to low 70's. The tour started with a presentation on the history of the von Trapp Family given by Charlie who has worked at the Inn for 36 years. The family has a rich Austrian history with several family members serving in the Austrian Navy. Captain von Trapp--as seen in the Sound of Music--was a Naval Officer. The Sound of Music is basically a true account of the Maria and the von Trapp family. She did marry the Captain after a year as the nanny for his children. The only major difference in the movie and real life was that the family escaped Austria by riding the train to Italy! They could do this because their Austrian passports still had visas for travel to Italy. Not exactly as "Hollywood" as singing and hiking over the Alps. At the end of the tour we saw a movie with the real Maria when she returned to Austria in 1983 to visit the family home (it is still there and is a B & B). She later passed away and is buried in the family plot on the property. At the conclusion, a third generation von Trapp came to speak to us and answer questions. It was a really wonderful day and tour. It is really wonderful to hear a true story of a family that overcame so much and came to the USA to escape WWII. Their Inn and 2500 acre property is a cross country ski area in the winter and a biking/hiking area in the warmer seasons. They also have a wonderful deli and brewery where we had a great lunch break. Finally, we hiked up into the hills to the Chapel that was built by one of the von Trapp boys to complete his promise to God that if he lived thru WWII he would build a chapel in mountains.

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