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Suzi trying on a Corvette for fit

One of many shots of the garden area in the atrium of...

Suzi and I at the entrance to the Grand Ole Opry

Here we are getting ready to race our special Corvette

We enjoyed a full day today. We started out at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. What a beautiful collection of dreams and information about how they came about and how they kept the dream alive. They had every kind of Corvette imaginable, beginning with a donated first year of production, 1953 Corvette. The interesting thing is that a lot of the Corvettes are there on loan from their private owners. Plus there are many that are owned by General Motors and on loan to the museum. They have actual pace cars from various Indianapolis Speedway runnings and one from one of the Daytona races.

They have a test car at the entrance that not only has never been registered but it has never even had a VIN number, serial number or anything like that. It was a test construction that is on loan from General Motors. They have it there so you can sit in it and see how you like it.

We spent about two hours there and really enjoyed it. We particularly enjoyed the air conditioning with the heat index up above 110 degrees. In fact, it was so hot outside that when I came out to go to the car, the combination of heat and humidity fogged up the surface of my camera lens and the inside of the lens as well. The final pictures that I took on the way to the car looked like they were taken on a really foggy day.

We left the Museum and stopped for lunch at a Wendy's next door (of course, the decorating theme inside was all about Corvettes.

We then went to Mike and Melissa's and relaxed for an hour or so before embarking on the next phase of the day's adventure.

Our first stop of that next phase was at the Gaylord Opry Hotel in Nashville. WOW! The hotel is build around a huge atrium which is covered by a glass dome. This is a huge atrium with several garden's, conservatory with "open air" restaurants and multi-level paths through the atriums. There are rivers, waterfalls, ponds, thousands and thousands of plants. And, the marvelous thing on a day like today was that the entire area beneath the dome is air conditioned.

We wandered through this delightful environment, enjoying the rivers, waterfalls, fountains, lagoons and endless varieties of plants and flowers, all in air conditioned comfort. I can't imagine what the electrical bill must be to cool that huge area. It has to be the size of a football field and the dome must be close to a hundred feet high in some areas.

They have boats that take you on a leisurely cruise of the river that wanders through it. We didn't have time to take it today but Suzi wants to go back and do it.

We had to leave to get over and pick up our tickets for the Grand Ole Opry. I was really looking forward to this. I had listened to Grand Ole Opry on Saturdays for years when I was young and watched it quite a bit when it came on t.v. We found out that the show is still a live radio show and that we were part of the audience.

They had several artists, some that I was more familiar with than others. A couple of favorites were Little Jimmy Dickens, still going strong at age 90 and The Charlie Daniels Band (boy can he play the fiddle).

We really enjoyed the program. It was a little over two hours long. Jimmie Dickens is still really sharp and had us dying with laughter with a series of jokes, between songs. His voice isn't totally what it used to be but still pretty strong. There were a few places where it wasn't as steady as it used to be. I can remember him from when he was a teen-ager.

Charlie Daniels was excellent. He literally wore out his fiddle bows. He even tossed one out in the audience as a souvenir for some lucky person. He's no spring chicken either. He's 75 years old. Anyway, it was a great show. I never really thought that I would ever be at a Grand Ole Opry performance. And, if we had been here last year at this time, we wouldn't have. The Grand Ole Opry theater was one of the victims of the terrible flooding that they had last year. They weren't even sure that they were going to be able to save it...over four feet of water throughout it and over the stage. But, with lots of contributions and work, they resurrected it and it is still going strong.

After the show, came back to out temporary home at Nashville Country RV Park. As soon as I finish this, am heading to bed. Its been a long day.

See you tomorrow.

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