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So, on our way out of Franklin, we decided that the heat was too much and we decided to seek refuge at the local campgrounds. One was full but we found space at Poole campground with 50 amp service and water and a lake.

So we parked, turned on the air and took a long shower and then crashed. William woke up early and went fishing. Didn't catch anything long enough to keep but it amused him nonetheless.

We just took a slow approach to the day. We've been on the road for three weeks now so it is nice to slow down a bit. The RV is nice and cool at 72 degrees and we adults are at least a bit tired. Talked to some other campers today who said this is standard Tennessee weather for July and August but the ret of the year is nice.

Talked to some kids who were fishing and asked them if it was safe to swim. They said sure, then 10 minutes later, showed us either a snapping turtle or a water moccasin peaking his head out of the water. Yah, doesn't sound too safe to me. Talked to an adult who said that the snakes will likely slither away rather than get near you. I AM NOT TAKING any chances.

We are staying here until Sunday. Tomorrow we will head to the Opry. We will also go see where my great great Aunt Sarah Childress is buried. She was President James Polks wife.

A much better day as I spent it in the cool of the trailer.

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