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Carpe has Beaver Spring Lake Campground to herself
A really nice Passport America...

Bridge across north end of Lake Champlain
New York is on far side

Welcome to the Empire State
Vermont/New York line @ Rouses Point

U.S. / Canadian border is just north of the bridge on the...

Vista of New York State mountains from I 88

The Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum
Cooperstown, NY

Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum
The Hall of Fame

Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum
Casey Stengel Hall of Fame plaque

Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum
The glove used by Yogi Berra during...

Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum
Bob in front of Ebbets Field painting...

Sun, 05 June: Another long-ish day, but not as tiring as our previous trek from Maine to Vermont. Today we drove from Vermont north to just south of the Canadian border to cross Lake Champlain and then south to Davenport (just south of Cooperstown), NY.

Our route was along US 2 north along Vermont's Lake Champlain Islands to Rouses Point in northeast New York (just south of the Canadian border). Then south on US 11 to I 87 to Albany where we headed west on the New York Thruway (I 90) for a few (free!!!) miles to I 88. Then east on NY 23 to the campground. Today's drive distance was short of 300 miles.

We are staying at the Beaver Spring Lake Campground, a 50% discount park in a very rural setting. The park is virtually empty, with a few seasonal campers but we seem to be the only transients. We're in the middle of a huge grassy field with 30 ampere electricity and water (no sewer).

Our plans are to spend two or three days here with a primary goal of visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame. Neither of us have ever visited the Hall of Fame and are looking forward to the experience. Weather should be OK for the next few days so we may visit other area attractions before heading west to Corning.

Mon, 06 June: Today is the anniversary of D-Day. Sixty-seven years ago scores of brave young men from many nations stormed the beaches of France thus beginning the liberation of France (you're welcome) and other occupied nations. They were, without a doubt, part of an amazing generation.

We visited the Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum in Cooperstown, NY. Neither of us had ever been there so we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Wandering through the Hall of Fame was impressive, but we also found the museum section very interesting. Of note: The Women's League, Negro League, and the tribute to Hispanic players. The Records Hall was fascinating as baseball is a treasure trove of trivia and statistics.

Following our visit we wandered around town a bit and got some chuckles from nearby tourist traps with names such as: "Getcha Red Hot" and stores proclaiming to "Have the Baseball Cards Your Mother Threw Out"! We also walked to the lake which was just beautiful.

We then drove to nearby Oneonta where we had lunch and got our "Wal Mart fix". Then back to the coach for a long discussion with the folks at HWH who manufacture the hydraulic system that powers our slides. We did some troubleshooting and they determined that the problem was probably a bad solenoid valve, which we had just replaced a few weeks ago. The techs at HWH believe the replacement valve was defective and they'll replace it free (including labor). All we have to do is get to an HWH service facility...

We've decided to stay here another day to enjoy the peace and quiet. Current plans are to head to Corning on Wednesday.

Tue, 07 June: A completely, totally, lazy day. It was as perfect a day as one could desire; temps in the low 80s, gentle breezes, sunny. Sandi kicked Bob out of the coach and attacked the accumulated grime and dust inside the coach. Bob sat at the picnic table with his computer while Sandi mopped, vacuumed, and dusted.

After lunch we mostly read and otherwise enjoyed our retirement. Ahhhh, this is the life.

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