I noticed on the home page of yahoo.com.au that tonight for you guys the temp is to be 5C...you lucky lucky bastards! What a great time of year....here it is 26C but humidity makes it seem like 28C though at night it will drop to 21C. We are 958metres above sea level...the rainy season should have begun already ...when it hits it is like north Queensland~~tropical......i tried a local bus today..those old US school buses have all been shipped to latin america...it was almost 3 feet up to the first step and you hop off the back....cost 20c!

While my cab ride in was $8 and another $5 home....pity the buses are all over the place no complete listing and they change where to catch them....but its the way to go...you know they let on sales people flogging lollies/sweets even giving out samples.....the food on the street is tempting but then the stench of putrid puddles of water/urine or cars belching black fumes in your face makes me think twice about it...actually the combination of these foul smells makes me just about retch.....and the funny names they have on some products condoms are condones...a food brand is FUD hey Elmer!...or nice hazelnut wafers branded as orisky For those of you who have seen the Oliver Stone film Salvador...there is a scene where drunken locals hassle Belushi and Woods for money to buy booze..the drink in question is TIC TACK a local firewater...retails for about the cost of a beer...i will have to sample some for research purposes of course! You mix one part Tic Tack with 3 parts orange juice and three parts pineapple juice! I had a great haircut and shave/beard trim for the princely sum of $US2...

today i visited 3 churches...the last being a chapel tucked away in a modern mega mall...St Jose...another was the cathedral which has a crypt with the tomb of Archbishop Oscar Romero who wa murdered by members of a right wing death squad for his strong stance supporting the rights of the poor/downtrodden to a decent wage/equal opportunities to the landed elites and plantation/business owners who backed the right and its hard line stance on order anticommunism....It seemed that the Roman Catholic clergy was backing the poor as opposed to the wealthy as it had previously done. The powers that would be..emboldened by US president Rockin' Ronnie Ray gun and his red phobia fear of anything lefty led to the USA strongly backing funding and training elite battalions of right wing maniacs who went on a killing spree for years in Guatemala as well as El Salvador to prevent Nicaraguan/Cuban communists from grossing the Rio Grande...anyway it was humbling being at the tomb of the Archbishop ...the bible quote was "blessed is he who lays down his life for his fellow man." A church Anglican in Kogarah on the Princes Hwy has stained glass windows dedicated to 20th century "saints" Martin Luther King Jr; Mother Teresa; Archbishop Romero....there were several murders of religious 4 US nuns were raped and murdered...6 Jesuit priests and their 2 housekeepers were also killed...nowadays there is the gang warfare raging throughout Central America,Mexico and Colombia/Bolivia.....interestingly my last cab driver today was a El Salvadorean Jew his cab had a Menorah dashboard cloth and he had a yarmulke in his glove box as well as wearing a prayer shawl....

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